Past events

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  • XChanges Gallery. Group Show50 years’. XChanges Gallery. Victoria, B.C. December 2017
  • Sooke Fine Arts Show. Sooke Fine Arts Show. Sooke, B.C. July – August 2016
  • The Feldenkrais Institute of Victoria, B.C.  www.feldenkraisvictoria.caSummer 2016
  • Cowichan Performing Arts Centre. Solo show ‘be-longing’. Cowichan Performing Arts Centre. Duncan, B.C. December 2015 – January 2016
  • XChanges Gallery.  Members’ Exhibition. XChanges Gallery. Victoria, B.C  December 2015
  • Sooke Fine Arts Show 2015. Sooke, B.C. July – August 2015
  • Brentwood Bay Resort. Group show. Brentwood Bay Resort & SpaBrentwood, B.C. January – May 2015
  • XChanges Gallery. Group ShowThe Human Condition’. XChanges Gallery. Victoria, B.C. December 2014
  • Olive Olio’s. Solo show. Cadboro Bay, Victoria, B.C. Summer, 2014
  • XChanges Gallery. Group show ‘Winter Saloon’. XChanges Gallery. Victoria, B.C.  2013
  • Studio 6, XChanges Gallery. Victoria, Canada. 2013
  • Städtische Bibliothek. Solo show. Bensheim. Germany. 1996
  • Galerie Stehle. Solo show. Bensheim. Germany. 1995
  • Pfalz Museum. Solo show. Bad Duerkheim. Germany. 1992
  • Karls-Ruprecht-University. Group show ‘The Terra Mystica Exhibition‘. Heidelberg. Germany. 1992





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