Using art and social media to promote a business vision

I just came across a wonderful example of a young entrepreneurial woman using art and social media tools to build awareness for her business idea in her search for possible investors and sponsors.

Natasha Grau-Ensminger has a vision for a creative and communal local art and food lounge that supports the community of Victoria, B.C. and brings a new concept to the capital city of British Columbia, Canada.

What kind of art? “Non-traditional, colourful, imaginative”, says the founder of Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge Inc.  “Victoria is home to countless talented artists who have limited opportunity to display their work. By combining an art gallery and lounge, our customers can take the time to enjoy and discuss the works in a relaxed environment.”

Students, cooks, servers, bartenders, artists, musicians, contractors, entrepreneurs and industry mentors have contributed to the Lacey-Lou business plan over the past year, explains Natasha. “Together we will continue to work on this project and set the plan in motion.”

Natasha reaches out to people who care about what she does.  She’s been expanding her social network over months, showing them her talent by posting photographs of her art work, talking about her business ideas and vision and then bringing it all together in a superb funding campaign on

Check out the video clip about her project that she filmed on her I phone and edited all by herself.  A job well done and a great example of how effectively social media tools can be used for promoting one’s art, business and vision.