Cool illustrations by cartoonist Simon Roy

Copyright Roy/Creese 2013

Copyright Roy/Creese 2013

A cartoon is a piece of art, which is usually humorous in intent. The Punch Magazine applied the term in the mid 19th century to satirical drawings and sketches by John Leech. Major political newspapers in many countries featured humorous or satirical cartoons – sometimes with piercing effect – commenting on the politics of the day.

I like the work of Simon Roy,  a young cartoonist and illustrator from Victoria, BC, Canada.

He burst onto the scene with his first book “Jan’s atomic heart” that left reviewers wondering if he was a new talent or a classic creator from Europe. Every review cited the resemblance of his work to the artists of Heavy Metal Magazine, where he has also been published.

Simon has illustrated a series of comics for my colleague Robert Creese in 2011 – and we were delighted with the results!

Simon is currently illustrating Image Comics’ “Prophet” series and will be writing future issues as well. He is the illustrator for the new online comic “Continuum” based on the television series produced in Vancouver for Showcase TV and he participated at the Pacific Comics Art Festival in Victoria in October.
More of Simon’s work can be found at