Seen and liked in St. John’s, Newfoundland – Paintings by Ron Bolt



I very much enjoyed Ron Bolt’s 9th solo exhibition “From the Edge – New Atlantic Coastal Works” at the Christina Parker Gallery, marking the artist’s 80th year. Bolt’s paintings reflects his continuing interest in the study of the sea and of coastal regions, in particular Newfoundland.

“I suppose I have the sea in my genes. My maternal grandmother was born in Newfoundland and my paternal grandfather was a lay missionary to the fisherman out of Grimsby in northern Yorkshire. Whenever I come back to where I can see and feel the ocean, it lifts me up. Standing on the shore I feel part of a great mystery, part of the miracle of being alive. As an artist and a romantic, I agree with the legendary Canadian pianist Glen Gould. He said “Art is the lifelong construction of a state of wonder.” (Ron Bolt)

Ron Bolt’s love of the province first began in the Summer of 1971 when he was working with the Outport Arts Foundation teaching art to the children of the area of Hibb’s Cove. Bolt, who has been back to Newfoundland many times, taking photographs, sketching and painting, completed a one month artist residency in Grose Morne National Park in 2000.



Paintings by Ron Bolt



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