‘Circulus Maximus’ – an art solution

A circular space. A cone-shaped stage. A slanted platform – this is ‘Circulus Maximus’, an amazing project by Wim Goossens and Arnaud Hendrickx  at the Museum for Contemporary Art (M HKA) in Antwerp, Belgium.

I am circumventing the cone-shaped stage from the left, while some other visitors tiptoe to the right. We meet at the back of the circular space, at the base of the slanted platform, facing a circular ramp ascending and almost touching the ceiling at its furthest. What did the custodian say? “Only few artists master such volume?”

This art solution is brilliant.



‘It is rather expensive – from waste of space point of view, but everybody likes a circular space; the instant feel of awe, the light drenched wide-angle view, the sublime, all that kind of stuff. But there are few ones who know how to master such a volume. Often it comes down to putting in perspective a 360 degree surrounding: do you bring it back to a plane or not?” (The Custodian)


About M HKA

The M HKA is the museum for contemporary art, film and visual culture in Antwerp, Belgium. It is an open place of encounter for art, artists and the public. The M HKA aspires to play a leading role in Flanders and to extend its international profile by building upon Antwerp’s avant-garde tradition. The M HKA bridges the relationship between artistic questions and wider societal issues, between the international and the regional, artists and public, tradition and innovation, reflection and presentation.

Leuvenstraat 32. 2000 Antwerp. Belgium

Photographs: D.S. Herold / Copyright 2014

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